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Patrick Dunn - intercourse chef services

Cordon Bleu‐trained Chef Patrick Dunn brings his 20‐plus years of culinary expertise to the classroom. He focuses on teaching new skills and techniques, and introducing surprising and interesting ingredients, often new to many of his students.

Clients have come to appreciate and recommend Patrick for his ability to put people at ease with his approachable and informative manner. These abilities are tempered with his vast knowledge of food and his knack for organization, education, creativity and attention to detail.

For the last 10 years, Patrick has been setting up home cooks for success with home cooks through his various cooking classes. His most popular classes include:

  • Basic & Advanced Knife Skills. (For larger corporate groups, Chef Patrick can offer a take‐home Henckels chef knife. Some conditions apply.
  • Corporate Team Building through Cooking
  • Thai and Indian Cuisine.
  • Cooking for Couples
  • Herbs and Spices 101
  • Aphrodisiacs for Singles and Lovers. Great idea for stagettes and bridal showers.
  • Barbecue Basics.
  • These unique offerings are a welcome addition to the Calgary business community hungry for appetizing corporate and client appreciation events. Get your apron on and get cooking with one of InterCourse's excellent programs.
Private cooking lessons Calgary
Catering for New Business Launches
Corporate Team Cooking Calgary
Catered Party Service Calgary

Catered Party Service

InterCourse Chef Services can relief you of the worry that’s often associated with organizing your private or corporate catered events yourself.

Private Party Catering Calgary
Corporate Catered Events
Catered Anniversary party Calgary
Learn how to Cook Thai Cuisine

We’ll take care of the prep, the staff, tableware rentals and alcohol, so that you can calmly and confidently remain the affable host to your guests.

This service is perfect for:

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Bridal showers and rehearsal dinners
  • New Business/product launches
  • Media gatherings/Press releases
  • New home purchases. Great gift idea for realtors & mortgage brokers to their clientele as a gratitude gesture.

Cost : All events are customized to create the experience and feeling you imagined. Please emails us for a quote!

*Please note that the cost of tableware, cutlery, alcohol etc, are separate.

Let's Work Together!

Customized Meals for Couples and Families

As you slog through your hectic day, would you feel a little lighter knowing you’d be heading home to a refrigerator full of delicious meals prepared by Calgary’s favourite professional chef?

intercourse chef services

Patrick Dunn of InterCourse Chef Services helps a wide array of busy people by stocking their fridges with healthy, lip‐smacking meals ready in a jiffy:

  • People unhappy with their body image and unsuccessful creating meals to match their dietary goals. Upon request, Chef Patrick will work with your trainers and nutritionists to craft meals that keep you on track.
  • Busy executives who value on time spent outside the kitchen, yet want to eat properly and conscientiously.
  • Double‐income parents who want their families to eat better, but lack the time to make the meals they want to eat; instead, they wind up dining out, often on fast food.
  • People who want the simplicity and comfort of a fridge full of delicious, healthy meals requiring minimal preparation.

Side benefits of our pre‐made meals:

  • Less stress in your day. No more “Oh no! What are we going to make for dinner?”
  • Energy to keep you fueled and productive.
  • Less likelihood of eating junk or eating out, only to feel guilty afterwards.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What do we spend on food each month?
  • How many hours do we devote to cooking?
  • Could that time be better served elsewhere? (Family time? Work? Leisure?)
  • Would prepared meals save you time and money?

Complete Residential Dinner Service

Not all dinner parties are created equal. Blow their socks off when they come to yours. With you as the distinguished and affable host, your professional chef and serving staff will prepare a gourmet dinner in your kitchen, then serve it with grace in your dining room, with wines that match the menu and the mood, perfectly.

$395 + grocery cost. Covers up to four people. Additional people: add $75 each


InterCourse Chef Services provides a number of classes such as:.

Basic Knife Skills ‐ The 3 types of Knives you need to have in your Kitchen

Chef Knife bread knife utility knife

The first step to great cooking is solid knife skills. Learning how to cut properly can make the difference between seeing kitchen work as a chore and a joy. It can mean the difference between unevenly cooked dishes and poor flavor development, and excellence.

Practicing alongside Chef Patrick, you will be slicing and dicing like the pros in no time on a variety of fruits and vegetables. You’ll then have all you’ll need to create simple and delicious dishes using the recipes provided by Patrick.

Cost: $200 + grocery cost (two people)

Additional people: add $50 per person

Advanced Knife Skills ‐ Beyond the Slicing and Dicing

cook like a professional - french knife

Are you comfortable with the basics and wondering what’s next? Go beyond slicing and dicing. Patrick covers such proteins such as de‐boning whole chickens, skinning and bone removal of filets of fish. “Frenching” racks of lamb, silver skin removal from tenderloins, lobsters, crabs and more.

The client will choose the items they wish to cover prior to the day of the lesson.

Add additional friends and family for half price, however they must bring their own knives, as well as their own cutting boards.

Cost: $275 plus GST (two people)

In‐House Cooking Classes

learn basic knife skills

Perfect for singles, couples, birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties. Participants learn how to cook the foods they love to eat in a relaxing environment – their own home. Menus are tailored to suit participant tastes and skill levels, and instruction focuses on preparing a complete or multi‐course meal.

Cost: $400 + grocery cost (four people)

Additional people: add $50 per person

* Parties with fewer than four people may book a class as long as they are willing to pay the minimum fee.

*Alcohol budget to be decided by the client. Items such as tableware, glassware, stemware can be rented for an additional fee. An 18 percent gratuity will be added to all parties of eight or more.

Please note that a fuel surcharge will be added to events held outside Calgary city limits.

Corporate Food Fight

Private Cooking Lessons

Armed with knives, ingredients and a clock, competitors are separated into two teams competing to produce four dishes in two hours. Menus are selected prior to the event, and each team has a professional chef on standby to answer questions and give advice – but to keep things fair, the chef does not take part in the actual food preparation or cooking. With the menu ingredients, each team chooses either to follow the recipe methods as provided or, for the bold and daring, uses those ingredients to create entirely new dishes to be presented and defended at the end of the class. The winning team earns a trophy and bragging rights.

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

A minimum of 12 participants is required for this event.

Starting at $75/person*

*Covers the cost of staff and labor. Food cost determined by menu selections. Alchohol budget to be determined by the client. A 18 percent gratuity for the staff will be added to all parties

Corporate Team building through Cooking

Residential Cooking Classes

You've done the golfing, the rappelling and the Stampede beer‐garden thing. Now you're looking for a unique team‐building event that lets your crew shine and stand apart from the norm.

Team building through cooking gets your staff, colleagues or clients out of their comfort zones (with wine in hand) and in front of the stove creating delicious meals, all while celebrating the achievement of an important company milestone, or to show your appreciation.

These classes are about learning new skills, trying new ingredients, and of course, team building, with a little friendly competition to boot. No spectators here.

Participants work together to prepare a variety of pre‐selected dishes, using novel techniques and ingredients in a state‐of‐the‐art professional kitchen.

Each group of two to four people prepares a dish, to be presented and enjoyed by the entire class. No prior experience necessary.

Please send us an email to inquire how we can make your event stand out!

*Optional limousine bus service can bring your group to and from the event location. Ask for details.

*Includes all food, recipes and staff. Alcohol budget to be decided by the client. An 18 percent gratuity will be added to all parties.

Calgary Market Tours

chef services in calgary

Definitely not "The Mall"and 1000 times better! ©

4 dynamic and intriguing Calgary Neighborhoods to choose from. You can also choose a broader city‐wide tour. Give and receive that feel‐good community spirit by supporting locally‐owned business in these charming inner city communities.

Chef Patrick Dunn will be your guide on a private 3‐hour tour of his favorite markets and shops in these neighborhoods. Many of the destinations will be providing interactive talks, demonstrations and samplings of their wares.

Inglewood– stops may include Village Ice Cream, Bite Groceteria, Knifewear, Choklat, and The Silk Road Spice Merchant and The Tea Trader.

Kensington– Stops may include Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Crave Cupcakes, Peasant Cheese, Kensington Wine Market and Oliv.

Bridgeland – Stops may include Burger 320, Baya Rica Coffee, Bridgeland Market,

Forest Lawn & NE Calgary(International Avenue) – Stops may include Cedars Food Mart, Hong Kong Supermarket, Afor African Supermarket, Basha International Foods, Hungarian Supermarket,

Please note: All tour stops are subject to change without notice

Cost: Specific neighborhood tours: $50/person. Minimum 3 people – Maximum 12 people.

City wide Tours: $75/person. Minimum 3 people – Maximum 12 people. Click here to book a tour

Aphrodisiacs for Singles and Lovers

Catered Party Services

Aphrodisiacs for Singles and Lovers – perfect idea for birthdays, stagettes and bridal showers.

Did you know the term "horny" was coined from the practice of using ground rhinoceros horn as a sexual enhancer? In this lesson, Patrick covers a bit of history, some phallic facts and folklore while preparing several of his favourite sensual dishes.

Cost: $95/person + grocery cost. Minimum four people.

Additional people: add $50 each

* Parties of fewer than four people may book a class if willing to pay the minimum fee.

*Cost Includes recipes and required staff. Alcohol budget to be determined by the client. Items such as tableware, glassware, stemware can be rented for an additional fee. An 18 percent gratuity will be added to all parties of eight or more.

Please note that a fuel surcharge will be added to events held outside Calgary city limits.

What Clients Say about
InterCourse Chef Services

  • Patrick was an amazing asset to our Soup Sisters event at the Cookbook Company. He skillfully and cleverly made his way around the room offering culinary wisdom and excellent advice to about 30 soup making women who had come together to make soup for the Calgary Women's Shelter. Making soup for women and children whose lives haves been affected by domestic abuse and family violence is a cause close to Patrick's heart and he really helped us to create soup made with love guy who gives 100%, and then some!

    Sharon Hapton
    Founder, Soup Sisters

  • Cooking...Recently, we took a leadership team to Patrick's course and focused on Thai cooking. The team was very pleased to get to know their colleagues while they learned new cooking skills, received some very "do-able" recipes, saw "live" demonstrations and additionally enjoyed a great meal at the end. Patrick and his staff were very friendly, patient and accomodating. We would welcome the opportunity to take part in this team building event again.

    Tisa McKim
    Shell Canada

  • I have taken two of Patrick's singles cooking classes so far and can't wait to take the next one! Being the wonderful chef and charismatic instructor he is, Patrick has found the perfect ingredients for the "singles" recipe: Toss a group of strangers into a kitchen, add wine, mix altogether, then proceed to create, cook and consume great foods while having good conversations.

    Janice H.

  • Cooking...Thanks for helping us put on a great event. We appreciated your help throughout – helping to select a menu, coaching the participants on their food preparation and helping us to be successful with some new and interesting dishes. You created an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable to experiment with new cooking techniques. At the same time, everyone got to know each other better – one of the goals of our event. Thanks again for a great team building session.

    Brad Sewall, Partner
    Ethier Associates

  • "My parents (who are in their 80's) both love Patricks cooking! They are just so happy that they don't have to cook or go shopping for groceries. They both have told me how wonderful it all tastes and how easy it is to "make" dinner now! Thanks so much Patrick for making life a little bit easier for all the family!"

    ‐D Davison

  • One of the best parts in hiring Patrick is that he brings along a helper so I could enjoy my dinner party without having to run in and out of the kitchen and at the end of the night all the dishes were done! Even the wine glasses!   Patrick is a wonderful chef and goes above and beyond expectations in his dinner service. I have used him on 2 occasions (so far … there will be more!)

    Diane Davison